Lowbury, Edward Joseph Lister

Lowbury, Edward Joseph Lister
(1913- )
   He graduated in medicine from University College, Oxford, in 1939, spent three years of World War II in the Royal Army Medical Corps in East Africa, then did further study at London Hospital to become a pathologist and bacteriologist. He received Newidgate Prize in 1934 for his poem "Fire." He has written many medical textbooks and poetry collections and edited anthologies. In 1998 he wrote To Shirk No Idleness: Critical Biography of the Poet Andrew Young (his father-in-law; see entry). Some of his other publications: Thomas Campion (see entry): Poet, Composer, Physician, 1970. Green Magic (Poets for the Young ), 1972. Poetry and Paradox: An Essay with Nineteen Relevant Poems, 1976. Troika: Poems, 1977. Goldrush: Poems, 1983. Flowering Cypress: Three Poems, 1986. Apollo: Antholog y of Poems by Doctor Poets, 1990. Selected and New Poems 1935-1989, 1990. First Light: Eleven Poems, 1991. Collected Poems (Salzburg Studies: Poetic Drama and Poetic Theory), 1993. Hallmarks of Poetry: Reflections on a Theme, 1996. Some of his other poems: "Faces," "In the Old Jewish Cemetery, Prague, 1970," "Night Train," "Swan," "The Monster," "The Roc," "Tree of Knowledge."
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